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Good Beer Week - Dark Obsession @ The Park

What's a better celebration than a Beer Celebration?

A Dark Beer Celebration!

Calling all Dark Beer lovers, Good Beer Week is just around the corner and The Park is bringing you the best of the best Dark Craft Beer! We'll be starring Porters, Milk Stouts, Imperial Stouts, Tapped Beer, Canned & Bottled! This is a dream event for Dark Beer enthusiasts and a perfect chance for beer-lovers to broaden their pallets & enjoy delicious dark beer.

The Dark Obsession Tap Takeover is our weeklong Good Beer Week event showcasing some of our favourite Dark Beers. It starts on Friday the 14th of May and carries on until the 23rd! This means an entire week of trying new beers & pairing them with our delicious food.

Types of Beer We're Featuring

Anyone who has delved deep into The Parks beer selection knows that we adore our dark beer. Our obsession with dark beers made picking a few to feature during Good Beer Week very hard. So, although we are featuring a great selection, there are many more dark beers we have available throughout the week!

MoonDog Black Lung X

MoonDog Brewery has done it again, this time creating their 10th and best Black Lung! This Islay Pleated Whisky Barrel-aged Smokey Stout is a dark, smoky beer that has been barrel-aged. You can see where the beer got its name from!

To make the tenth edition better than any Black Lung before it, MoonDog sourced the smokiest barrels they could find from Islay, Scotland. This edition was aged longer than its predecessors & contributed to a deep, nutty finish with a 12% ABV.

Join us during Dark Obsession to catch this limited edition bottled beer in-store before it sells out!

Founders KBS Bourbon Barrel-Aged Chocolate Coffee Stout

Now when we say Dark Obsession we mean it with this one! This Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout is part of the Founders Barrel-Aged Series & packs an incredibly silky, full-bodied flavour.

This tapped beer has been brewed with a generous amount of chocolate & coffee to give it notes of vanilla, roasted coffee, cocoa & charred oak. To richen the flavour this beauty has been cellared for two years & has a 12% ABV with an IBU of 70, the perfect ratio of bitterness & alcohol.

Just imagine yourself drinking a schooner of the KBS in our Beer Garden paired with our Tiramisu Panna Cotta. Sounds like the perfect date to me

Ale-Be-Back Rest In Peat-Ris

This unique dark beer is brewed locally in Point Cook by a fantastic home brewer!

We love Ale-Be-Back beers, they're crafted to perfection and the attention to detail is a unique difference that home-brewers bring to the plate!

The Rest In Peat-Ris is sweet meet peat aka whisky's best friend! It is a Russian Imperial Stout which has been barrel-aged for 12 months to mellow & has an ABV of 9.6%. Described as Chocolate Chimney Soot & Caramel Ash, it holds smoky Dark Beer enthusiasts love which is balanced by sweet tones.

This feature brings the best of the West to The Park Hotel Werribee making our Good Beer Week novel & unmissable!

Dark Beer, Rib Trays, Trivia, Music & More!

The fantastic event is running all week meaning you can enjoy your Dark Beer on any one of our fantastic nights! You can pair the barrel-aged beer with our smoked rib tray on a Thursday night or see if it enhances your thinking skills with our Trivia on a Wednesday!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday we have live music ranging from solo artists to DJ's, so if you're looking to enjoy your Dark Beer with a Boogie, you can't miss these days!

We're open every week from Wednesday - Sunday, to make a reservation for this fantastic beer celebration contact us on 9741 1441 or visit our website!


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